How Accessible Websites Are Differ From Regular Websites

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How Accessible Websites Are Differ From Regular Websites

Accessible websites are especially developed for physically disable users. They empowers physically disable people to access the website. We are living in a world where huge population of disable people who are capable to use internet due to their disability. Accessible websites has boost up the reach of internet and bring them to the main stream of internet users. Accessible Websites are facilitating disabled people incredibly. They get more traffic as compare to websites that are not accessible, so having a accessible website is always beneficial for site owners in terms of website health, business and traffic.


The Accessible websites technology is widely used by developed countries like USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, Japan and Sweden. Strong guidelines are set for government and as well for private agencies make their websites more accessible for people with disabilities. But Asian, African and some south eastern countries are still far away from this technology. Even their Government websites are not Accessible. Accessibility has opened the door for online education for disable people; there are hundreds of universities and institutes who are providing online education programs for the disable people. This web accessibility feature has enhanced the percentage of educated people.

The Accessibility justifies equal access to social, political, and economic life to all.